Radio and television personality and master of one-liners, John Blackman, has joined forces with mild-mannered pharmacist, master herbalist and funny bloke, Gerald Quigley, to deliver a knowledgeable and entertaining podcast, IF PAIN PERSISTS.

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JOHN BLACKMAN, Host and Producer

John Blackman is one of the most visible and successful personalities in Australian radio and television. In a show business career spanning 47 years, John has achieved enormous recognition, most especially from the 28 years spent in the pivotal role as the voice of Dickie Knee and numerous other characters (including himself!) behind Australia’s longest running variety show Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

John has appeared on many television shows including, Paul Hogan Show, Holiday Island, Personality Squares, Blankety Blanks, Family Feud, Daryl Somers Show.

John has also published several books through Pan Macmillan Australia, including Aussie Gags, released in August 1998, which was followed by More Aussie GagsDon’t Come The Raw PrawnBest Of Aussie Slang and Aussie Slang Dictionary. Several of these progressed to re-prints.

Recognised for his versatility as the “master of the one-liner and the quick quip”, his humour is droll, spontaneous, mischievous and laconic but never offensive. His excellent rapport with his audiences has made him one of the most sought after personalities on the Australian corporate and commercial scene.

John’s distinguished radio career spans 47 years during which time he and Gerald have hosted many radio segments dedicated to health during that time and developed a friendship along the way.

Their rapport is unique and is a natural springboard for IF PAIN PERSISTS.

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GERALD QUIGLEY, Pharmacist and Master Herbalist

Gerald Quigley is a practicing Community Pharmacist and an Accredited Herbalist. These joint qualifications give Gerald a unique overview of health from a holistic perspective. He supports the use of gentle remedies to empower patients to become involved in their own health outcomes.

As newer medicines are released, patients need more information to help understand the actions and expected outcomes. What medicine can be taken with what vitamins and nutritional support? Are they safe in the long term? Are they any better than the tried and true medicines that have been around for a long time? These are questions that constantly challenge Gerald.

Gerald is a member of the National Herbalists Association, the Australian Traditional Medicines Society, The American Botanical Council and the Australian Society for BioRegulatory Medicine.

He lectures in Integrative Pharmacology to 3rd Year Bachelor of Health Sciences students and consults to a number of Australian and European health related companies.

Gerald advises clients at Botanica, a dedicated retail outlet specializing in natural health products, in Malvern, Victoria.

Gerald also speaks about health issues on talkback radio across Australia every week, writes for a number of health magazines and is often interviewed on television. He and John have hosted many health related radio segments spanning several years.

IF PAIN PERSISTS is a podcast that showcases both of their intrinsic talents.

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